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About Us

Nos nouveautés

How can we change the way we do things, without changing our learning methods ?

Very few organizations are able to propose concrete solutions to this question.

This is why we decided to create Groupe Dédale.

During our years as entrepreneurs and trainers we have seen that entrepreneurs want to do things differently. And by entrepreneurs, we are not talking only about "startups" but about all people who want to undertake new projects, ideas, whether it is in their team, in their company, during their studies, on their free time, etc.

The founder

Focus on what matters

Cyril Giraux

is a serial entrepreneur and self-taught. In 18 years, with only the baccalaureate in his pocket, he has created 16 companies in various fields (sports, IT, construction, design...). He defines himself as an "opportunistic entrepreneur".

He now devotes part of his time to accompanying various actors in all matters related to entrepreneurship (United Nations, embassies, business school ...) But also some strong initiatives such as La French Tech or the Determined, an incubator that democratizes youth entrepreneurship whose objective is to multiply the chances of success through training programs, especially in working-class neighborhoods and rural areas.

He has also undertaken the sponsorship of impact projects through a social innovation laboratory "Projet Dédale" which brings together CSR and Impact players.