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The Impact Innovation Lab

The Impact Innovation Lab

Its function is to teach, train, and raise awareness on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to intrapreneurship through learning expeditions, business games, hackathons, as well as events with business schools, large groups and incubators.

Entrepreneurship is not only based on knowing how to do but on knowing how to be.

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Knowing how to adapt, how to be flexible, how to make decisions quickly, how to understand one's environment, how to focus on the meaning and the impact of what one does have become major assets to tame the future.

Our mission

Learn differently, in real situations, by doing, by accomplishing. We want to set an example through our actions and projects.

Prepare students, young entrepreneurs or today’s employees to become the actors of tomorrow's companies.

Organize workshops in immersion in the reality of the company of tomorrow, a local actor who acts on society and the environment.

The impact

We want to create value for humanizing projects. We want to change your DNA to make an impact in your environment.

Each of our stakeholders have caring actions and run an impact company and/or are specialists in their field.

We redistribute 10% of our value to humanizing projects.

We listen to your projects (even if they are not feasible).

Our actions

We have built a pedagogy adapted to this need for "doing things differently", accessible to all and based on experimentation, collaboration and new technologies to allow everyone, students, employees, entrepreneurs, to innovate easily to unite around the major challenges of our time.

"Art of pitching" in schools

Training in impact business model

A 100% digital, 100% free and interactive entrepreneurial program to go from idea to launch!

The training allows participants to learn all the essentials for launching a business. Participants will discover their raison d'être, define their target, choose a business model or define a communication and commercial strategy, without forgetting the legal and accounting procedures.

Terra Mater is an international program designed to enable a cohort of start-ups to strategically integrate the major human and environmental challenges of the 21st century, as well as the sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030, into the development of their businesses.